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Work permits

All foreigners from non-EU countries need to get a work permit to work in Slovenia.

Two different ways to get a work permit:

  • with opening a company
  • with buying a company

Three types of work permits:

  • Work permit for foreign representatives
  • Personal work permit
  • Employments permit for majority owners

Foreigners who plan to set up their own company and manage it or find employment with it have various possibilities for obtaining a work permit according to the Employment and Work of Aliens Act (hereinafter referred to as the ZZDT-1 Act, Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 26/2011).

Work permit  for foreign representatives (employment permit)

If a foreigner establishes or co-establishes a private commercial company that he/she plans to manage or lead as a company representative (director, procurator, etc.), he/she needs to obtain a work permit for a foreign representative. Companies that employ ten or fewer workers may obtain no more than one work permit for a foreign representative.

The work permit for a foreign representative can be issued for a period of up to two years and can be extended under the same conditions.

Possibilities for acquiring the work permit for a foreign representative:

  • after 6 months from the date of company registration and it has to be shown the profit o two minimum gross salaries (Slovenian minimum gross salary is currently 789,15 EUR)
  • immediately.  If it provides proof of investment in Slovenia in the amount of at least EUR 30,000 for company start-up (7.500 EUR of founding capital plus 22.500 EUR in tangible assets like equipement, building,…)
  • nomitate EU citizen with work permit as a represenative in your company. No other investments are needed.
  • buy a 6 months old company and show a profit in the amount of two minimum Slovenian salaries.

Note: If a foreign is a founder (owner) of a company, but he/she is not its representative a work permit for him/her is not necessary.

A personal work permit for self-employment

A foreigner who wants to register as sole proprietor (s.p.)  can apply for this type of work permit. The  work permit has to be obtained before incorporation.

Considering this conditions is also needed:

  • A valid residence permit in Slovenia
  • Proof that the foreigner resided in Slovenia for a minimum of one year uninterruptedly
  • Evidence of foreigners own financial resources in the amount of EUR 10,000 on the bank account

Employment permit for majority owners

Foreinger, as a establisher or co-establisher of a company in which he holds the majority share (at least 51%), can be employed in such company on the basis of an employment permit without labour market control.

The work permit  can be issued for a period of year.

Source:  www.eugo.gov.si