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Starting Business As Foreigner

EU nationals

For a citizen of an EU member state a work permit is not required to enter the Slovenian labour market and can aplly for job vacancies under equal conditions. Citizen of EU countries also do not need visa to enter Slovena. Just a a valid travel document is needed.

Non-EU nationals

Citizen of a third country that is not an EUmember state, may gain employment in Slovenia only on the basis of a work permit issued in accordance with Slovenian national legislation.

There are following steps:

  1. obtaining a visa,
  2. obtaining a business registration,
  3. obtaining a work permit.


In addition to a valid travel document, third-country nationals must hold a visa (issued by a diplomatic and consular mission of the Republic of Slovenia based abroad) in order to enter the Republic of Slovenia. At the beginning, a multiple-entry visa is suggested. After starting your business in Slovenia, you can apply for a residence permit.

Business registratration

In Slovenia there are several forms of business, the most common of which is a private limited company (d.o.o. - Ltd.) and a sole trader (s.p.).

Work permit

All foreigners from non-EU countries need to get a work permit to work in Slovenia.