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Before Registration Procedure

The following data is needed before starting company registration procedure:

Company name

The company name must clearly differ from the names of other companies. Prior to registration, it has to be verified AJPES business register.

Company' representatitves

Founders of all forms of companies (except sole traders) must appoint at least one company director. They may appoint several directors and an additional procurator.

Head office of the company

The head office and business address of the company must be determined upon establishment. The head office is the place where the company's activity is performed. The business address is also located at the head office (street and number).

Activities of the company

No specific conditions apply to the establishment of a company; therefore, anyone may establish a company. Any conditions relate to the activity of the company.

In the case of some activities, certain conditions need to be fulfilled prior to implementation - you must obtain permits or ensure that you have the cooperation of a person fulfilling the required professional qualifications. These conditions are termed entry conditions.

Some activities are not bound by any conditions - they are not regulated. Entry conditions may be verified in the list of regulated activities.