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Doing Business In Slovenia


Quality workforce

People in Slovenia have at least basic computer skills and speak two or more foreign languages. English is taught at school, and also Italian in the school area which is bordering to Italy. German and Italian are widely used and over 70% of population can have a conversation in at least two foreign languages. Slovenia's workforce is highly educated.

Quality link to regional markets

Investors wishing to build a customer network in Europe’s east and southeast by leveraging Slovenia as a gateway to the regional markets can benefit from expanding their business through Slovenia with its supportive environment with pro-business infrastructure and technically-savvy workforce.

Slovenia is ideally situated to serve Europe’s west and east, north and south. It has excellent communication and transport infrastructure, high-quality services and the functioning public administration and the financial system. And people have long business and personal links in the Western Balkans.  Because of this advantages goods are moved quickly and reliable, clearance procedures are efficient and once goods enter Slovenia via road, rail, air or see, they are at the doorstep of the EU market with 500 million consumers and many more in Europe’s east and southeast. 

Quality infrastructure

Slovenia boasts infrastructure for inland transport of goods, modern port infrastructure, reliable electricity and gas supply and dependable internet connections.

Quality of life

Slovenia boasts natural diversity of the landscape and facilities for meet different lifestyles and to cater for those enjoying the thrills of energetic pursuits and those preferring thermal spas, wellness treatments or simply relaxing on a day off or on holiday.

The country nestled between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea provides the ideal environment for tourism in general and for medical tourism in particular.  Stunning locations are easily reached by road, air, rail and sea, people are friendly, fine food and excellent local wine

Source:  investslovenia (www.investslovenia.org) = Ministry of econimic development and technology